I wanted to see what it felt like to actually feel my best. I made a firm decision that I wasn't just going to be able to wish it true. I have felt fairly miserable all of my adult life but brushed it off as aging...telling myself that this was just how my life is going to be. 


The symptoms I experienced became relative over time. Uncontrollable allergies, eczema, exhaustion, eosinophilic esophagitis, severe acid reflux, horrible acne, and being overweight were my biggest concerns. I can't tell you how many specialists I consulted only to be prescribed meds that did absolutely nothing for me. I had had it. Time to stop being a passive participant in my own life!!! 


The Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Nutrition Program has truly changed my life. Why put a band-aid on my symptoms? I wanted to get to the root cause of my concerns. Changing my diet was the single most beneficial "medicine" I have used, and I will NOT go back. I'm not exaggerating...I saw changes almost immediately. My face cleared up within a week and I lost 5 pounds immediately just by eliminating dairy. I have had ZERO issues with reflux and am consulting with my GI to titrate off my medications. As the program went on, I just kept reaping the benefits!!! What started out as a 30-day trial, has become a lifestyle for me.

Three years....
11 miscarriages, hypothyroidism, hair falling out, depression, anxiety, imbalanced hormones, tired 24/7, exhausted even when 


I woke up from a full night's sleep...

Arbonne 30 day program....
In the first two weeks, my hormones balanced out so fast, I got pregnant. I am now 36 weeks pregnant with this Miracle Arbonne baby!  I keep waking up day after day, week after week still pregnant and completely amazed.

My lab results show that my thyroid levels doubled and are in normal range!!! My hair isn't falling out so fast, I sleep better, no more depression, no more anxiety, and a lot more energy! This is the healthiest, greatest pregnancy I've ever had! Can't wait to hold my miracle Arbonne baby in just a few weeks!

I was diagnosed with RA in 2010. I've been on all the drugs and had all the side effects. The severity of my disease has caused deformation and at times I have been completely bedridden. I mention all that because even with treatment my days were completely unpredictable (I'm sure you can relate). 

I started the 30 Day in hopes my husband would get on board if I did. I was already vegan and not a junk food vegan either so I thought I felt as good as I could. Within the first week my energy was greatly increased, and my joint pain greatly reduced. My favorite part of my results is that I don't ever nap anymore! I used to HAVE TO every single day. I believe it's the taurine in the fizz sticks that make them especially effective for me (RA patients tend to be deficient in taurine). 

I've been able to lower my prednisone to 2 mg a day, lowest I've been. Woot!