The #1 question I get as an Integrative Practitioner is "what herb or supplement can I take for...?" 


If you are ready to start an herbal medicine cabinet with the basics here are my recommendations. Also check out my Kid's Medicine Cabinet Starter kit (more specifically for pediatric issues.)


Allergy relief: Allerease
Combination of Chinese herbs to open the sinuses, reduce inflammation in the head, and help build immunity to fight off allergies. If you have chronic allergies, I highly recommend you set up a virtual appointment with me to discuss nutritional therapy as well.


Calm (emotions): Jia Wei Xiao Yao San
One of the most commonly prescribed Chinese formulas to treat emotions. It is used to reduce stress, mood swings, irritability, and fatigue. It has also been shown to help regulate cycles and help with PMS related complaints.


Cold relief: Cold Quell:
Chinese Herbs to help kick the pathogen out. Typical presentations of symptoms to have that this formula can treat include alternating fever and chills, chest and rib-sides fullness and discomfort, a bitter taste in the mouth and dry throat, reduced appetite, an urge to throw up, and irritability.


Digestive Upset: Gaia Herb's Gas & Bloating
Works quickly to reduce occasional gas, bloating and that feeling of heaviness that can occur after meals. *


Headache relief: Health Concerns Head Q
Made with a combination of Chinese Herbs that invigorate blood and reduce pain in the upper body (specifically the head).


Immunity support: Pure Encapsulations Daily Immune
A comprehensive immune support formula, featuring wide range of herbal, vitamin, and minerals that help the body build immunity naturally. Take during cold, flu, and allergy season. Also, great to take 1 week before a trip.


Pain patches: HerbVantage
Topical Herbal Pain Patch that is absorbed into the underlying tissues to help ease pain and inflammation. For the temporary relief of minor aches of muscles and joints associated with bruises, menstrual pain, simple backache, sprains, and strains.


Sleep support: Pacific Biologics Soothing Sleep
If you are having chronic sleep disruption this formula will work quickly. But I do highly recommend you purchase the sleep kit or set up a virtual appointment with me to discuss a more specific diagnosis for your needs. Soothing Sleep is intended only for occasional sleeplessness, promoting restful and refreshing sleep with no morning after effects. *
• Calms center and aids digestion*
• Supports relaxation and sleep/regulates circadian rhythm*
• Strongly calms and stabilizes the Shen (spirit/mind).

Do not take melatonin with this formula as it already contains it. Do not take with other sleep supplements


  • An Integrative approach to healing. I firmly believe herbs and supplements work synergistically together to treat many common ailments.

    By bundling the herbs and supplements together; we are able to support the treatment of your ailments from the root cause, save you money on products, and offer free shipping.

    To Purchase Herbs and Supplements Individually,
    Please contact me directly.


    Due to integrity of the herbs, we cannot accept returns. All sales are final.


    All shipments will be coming from Emerson Ecologics. Working with a bigger company like Emerson Ecologics allows me to find the best product for you at the lowest practitioner price available.