Treating High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol with Herbs and Supplements

One of my favorite western ailments to treat with herbs and nutrition are high cholesterol and blood pressure.

High blood pressure and cholesterol are very commonly caused by lifestyle and diet. So, you know what I’m going to say when it comes to that… Modern problems call for modern solutions… If your HBP and Cholesterol are being caused by the standard American diet, I highly recommend you start there. But I know you didn’t click on this post for that, so I’ll save that for another day. If you’ve been looking for some good supplements or herbs to add in to your diet that might just help with high blood pressure and/or cholesterol here are some of my favorites:⁣

Hawthorn Berry and Chrysanthemum have been proven to lower LDL’s and Blood pressure when taken regularly. These two are quite the power couple when combined together; they are very safe and easily found at most health food stores.⁣

Lemon Grass has been shown to sustain healthy levels of triglycerides and reduce LDL Cholesterol. Food therapy as well as Food Grade Essential Oils are a great way to get this herb in daily. ⁣

Rosemary helps reduce cholesterol due to its high antioxidant properties. You can find Rosemary in over the counter supplements or Food Grade Essential Oils taken internally with a carrier oil. ⁣

B3 (Niacin): Niacin can raise HDL cholesterol by more than 30 percent. HDL has generally been thought to pick up excess "bad" cholesterol in your blood and take it to your liver for disposal, which is why HDL is dubbed the "good" cholesterol. High dose Niacin is usually prescribed by your doctor. Make sure to bring this up at your next appointment if your interested in it. ⁣

Magnesium: Researchers found that taking 368 mg of magnesium supplements daily for three months reduced people's systolic blood pressure by an average of 2 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), and reduced their diastolic blood pressure by an average of 1.8 mm Hg.⁣

Fish Oil: Some research suggests that taking omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil supplements may reduce diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number in a blood pressure reading) by an average of 3.05 mm Hg.⁣

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for enhancing relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety which in turn can lower blood pressure. Lavender Oil is very potent and can be taken internally with a carrier oil as well as used with aromatherapy. ⁣

Disclaimer: You should always work with your Primary care Physician before stopping a prescribed medication. Taking herbs and supplements that lower blood pressure while on blood pressure medication could result in hypotension.⁣

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