Topical Essential Oils

When I first started Acupuncture school the main question I got was, O so you know about essential oils? Um…. Nope LOL. ⁣

Let me clear up some confusion here.. Essential Oils 101 is not something they teach in Chinese Medicine school. But I knew it was something people were interested in, so I dove deep in the study of essential oils right alongside of my doctoral studies. ⁣

To my surprise I learned that essential oils are actually very similar to herbal medicine and can be used the exact same way: Internally, Topically, as well as aromatherapy. ⁣

I think we all know how aromatherapy works so I want to dive into some other ways to use this amazingly potent herbal medicine. ⁣

First things first, you should know Essential Oils are more potent than whole plant material. A single drop of rose oil contains the chemical constituents present in 60 roses! Talk about getting a lot of bang for your buck! This is why when using oils internally or topically you should only use small amounts. ⁣

A great way to use oils on kids and babies is through the skin. I always recommend to use a carrier oil when going topical. There are so many beneficial carrier oils, that I may have to do a whole another post on this subject alone. 💕

When applied directly to the skin, essential oils directly enter the blood stream. I recommend the bottoms of feet. There is lower risk of irritation on the feet, no sebum (so more absorption), and the bottom of the feet allow the herbs to bypass the liver. Instead of being processed by the liver the oils reach the lower bronchial capillaries via the circulatory system. *Ever hear about putting Eucalyptus oil on the bottom of your feet when you’re sick? Your Grandma wasn’t crazy* ⁣

When determining the dose; age and size are the biggest factors. The younger and smaller the person, the less amount of essential oils needed. It is always better to start with a small amount and repeat 20 minutes later if necessary. ⁣

Have you been interested in learning more about EO’s? Comment below or reach out to me! This is a great way to get started in herbal medicine! 🌿

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