Herbs for Pets

Here's a crazy subject... You can use herbs on your pets...

First let me start with this: Animals are very sensitive to many herbs and foods and some can even be toxic so working with a professional is very important. There are many websites, blogs, and books out there to educate you on this subject, and education is key… But just like our tiny humans, our fur babies can respond really well to herbs in the proper dosage for the proper conditions.

Here’s some examples:

I have two amazing dogs with two completely different personalities as well as a handful medical ailments (rescues, am I right).

# 1 My oldest dog is prone to Bladder and Kidney Stones and if you’ve ever had to have these surgically removed, you know that it can cost a pretty penny; also seeing your dog in so much pain is just awful. I now prevent her stones by putting half a tablet of Vetri Science UT Strength in her food. This is a combination of herbs that maintain proper urinary function and can help breakdown forming stones.

Herbs in this formula: Uva Ursi (reduces inflammation, used for bladder health)

Chanca Piedra (amazing herbs for breaking down and preventing stones)

Cranberry Juice Extract 100 mg (keeps bacteria from sticking to bladder wall)

Marshmallow (inhibits growth of bacteria, also increases urine elmination)

Corn Silk Powder reduces inflammation in bladder. Commonly used for bladder infections.

Dandelion increases urine flow and works well with Uva Ursi to prevent UTIs.

Olive Leaf commonly used for prevention of infection and inflammation.

# 2 My youngest dog spent the first year of her life on the streets before she was rescued and now has a lot of anxiety and stress. I like to keep her grounded by using Xiao Yao San (Chinese Herbal Formula for stress; works amazingly!). I also keep on hand Prescription Strength Pet CBD for when she has a full-blown anxiety attack (usually around loud noises, thunderstorms, and 4th of July). Pet CBD can be very beneficial for pets with anxiety, pain, inflammation, and cancer. But be cautious of imposters out there. CBD is such a hot word that many companies are now selling “CBD” but it’s not proper dosage or quality. Work with a professional to find the best CBD supplement for your pet. I recommend Vet CBD which can only be purchased through a Veterinarian prescription or in some states where Marijuana is recreational, you can find this at the dispensaries. Another great option for anxiety is Rescue remedy for Pets if you can’t get your hands on CBD.

Lavender Essential Oils is also very useful for calming anxious dogs. But be careful when it comes to using EO's. Cheaper DOES NOT equal better, and not all EO's are the same. Always make sure you use therapeutic grade oils and only ones recommended for dogs. Not all essential oils are created equal. Avoid inexpensive essential oils of unknown quality or content. Many inexpensive oils can contain synthetic fragrance oils or perfumes that may be unhealthy for your pet to inhale.

A little goes a long way as far as aromatherapy goes. Remember a dogs nose is way more sensitive than humans. Essential oils are potent substances that can pose serious risks when used improperly. If you’ve ever used essential oils yourself, then you know how much of a difference a few drops can make. *Rosemary should not be used around pets with epilepsy and Tea Tree should not be used with cats.

Have questions about herbs for pets? Feel free to reach out!

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