Cellulite Cupping

What causes dimples (cellulite) in our skin?⁣⁣

Right beneath our skin, running from head to toe, is a connective tissue called fascia pronounced (fah-sha). ⁣⁣(1)


Ideally, your fascia is healthy malleable enough to slide, glide, twist, and bend your body. But as we become older and more sedentary, our fascia begins to become sticky and tight, pulling the skin down and forcing adipose tissue up (causing dents and dimples commonly known as cellulite.)⁣⁣

How Cellulite Cupping Works:

Cupping and Gua Sha are like magic for breaking up tight pinned-down fascia. They stretch and relax the hardened connective tissue beneath the skin, promoting healthy circulation of nutrient-rich blood, rejuvenating the skin and underlying tissues, increasing elasticity, and reducing the dimpled appearance of cellulite.⁣⁣ (2)


Cellulite Cupping is much more intense than regular cupping and may leave you with bruises post-treatment. It can take up to 6-10 treatments for full results and should be done weekly.


Is it worth it? YES! Everything I offer patients, I always test on myself first. ⁣⁣I've also noticed increased mobility and less pain in my patients as we lengthen the fascial lines.

Make sure you are always working with a Licensed Acupuncturist for this service. An Acupuncturist will use a special method called Fire Cupping and specially trained in this technique. Silicone and Pneumatic (pump) cupping is not recommended for cellulite cupping.

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