What is it Auriculotherapy?

In 1951, Dr. Nogier received a patient, who explained to him that he was relieved from a sciatica pain by a cauterization on the ear. Following this observation, Dr. Nogier examined the external ear and tried to understand how this pain relief happend. He spent the next 30 years studying and researching the ear. The results? He found that there were 43 points on the ear that correspond to different body parts and organs of the body, much like traditional acupuncture. (1) Later through more research and advancement in medicine there are now over 200 points commonly used in Auriculotherapy. (2)

When to use Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is a relatively safe and cost-effective system to try to control pain, anxiety, and many other conditions. You can even now treat yourself with ear seeds from the comfort of your own home. But here's the catch. Not everyone will respond the same way to the same treatment. Some patients absolutely would benefit from auriculotherapy while others (in my opinion wouldn’t). Everyone has their own unique needs when it comes to integrative medicine and should be addressed as an individual not a set protocol.

Something to keep in mind: I hear people say all the time that they have had acupuncture, but it didn’t work for them. When I ask what kind of acupuncture, usually they mention their MD put some needles in their ears. I would like to elaborate on this situation because it drives me up the wall that this was their one and only Acu experience and it failed them. ⁣

Usually when an MD or any other practitioner other than an acupuncturist uses auriculotherapy, they are only trained on 5 points, 5 points out of 200! These are usually done as NADA protocol (for addiction or relaxation) or Battlefield acupuncture (for pain). Do these points work? YES, for many, and No for others (remember what I said earlier, every patient should have their own treatment protocol). The one’s that it doesn’t work for usually never try again, which is a shame because their are so many other points that could be used with the proper Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

So, If you’ve had Acupuncture done and it didn’t work for you, I highly encourage you to try again. Also remember, healing the body takes time. It didn’t take you one day to get to where you are, it usually won’t take one treatment to make you better. ⁣

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