Acupuncture For Bell's palsy

Yesterday I posted in my story on Instagram about how Acupuncture can treat Bell’s Palsy very successfully. (You can see more in my highlights under Acupuncture if you missed it) I was very excited to see how many people were interested in learning more about this and had an abundance of private messages about the situation. ⁣ ⁣ So, for today’s post I would like to highlight the amazing affects Acupuncture can have on the Neurological Diagnosis Bell’s Palsy. ⁣

Bell’s Palsy is the inflammation of Cranial Nerve VII (Fascial Nerve) and causes a fascial drop from the forehead down to chin. This can happen at any age and some research isn’t quite sure what causes it. There are theories it can be related to stress, virus, or a secondary side effect to disease including diabetes, amyloidosis, and multiple sclerosis. ⁣ To treat Bell’s Palsy with Acupuncture it’s best to be seen immediately. The sooner we can get those muscles and nerves firing the better. Not to say that it can’t be treated months later, but if treated weeks or months after the diagnosis, you will require many more treatments. ⁣ ⁣ Most people think Acupuncture is some magical witch craft, but actually Acupuncture can be used with a scientific approach. So, I’m very excited to be able to discuss how we do that.

By placing acupuncture needles over the facial nerve, we can stimulate the nerve’s synapse forcing them to fire where they were previously paralyzed post Bell’s Palsy. ⁣ After the insertion of an acupuncture needle the body releases neuropeptides from nerve endings which cause vasodilation (increase blood flow) and anti-inflammatory effects through calcitonin gene-related peptides. This is all scientific verbiage for Acupuncture stimulates the bodies response to generate anti-inflammatory amino acids as well as increase blood flow to the area to generate quick healing. Source: NCBI⁣ For the sake of Bell’s Palsy increasing the blood flow and reducing inflammation of Cranial Nerve VII is crucial in the recovery process.

Here is a look at how acupuncture increases blood flow and produces anti-inflammatory peptides to treat pain and inflammation. In the before pic you can see a lot of red (inflammation) around the upper back. In the after pic the cooler less inflamed area is green showing an immediate reduction inflammation and better blood flow.

Thank you Bodhi TCM for allowing me to use your pic. ⁣ ⁣

Feel free to share with loved ones so we can get the word out about this wonderful medicine. ⁣

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