30 Day's to Healthy Eating Nutrition Plan

Skip the Diet, Just Eat Healthy 

What is it: 

30-day nutrition program loaded with clean foods, vitamins, and minerals designed to get your body back in balance, rebuild gut health, and boost metabolism. 

We will focus on Five Key Areas of Nutrition: 

1. Eat Whole Foods and Cut out Inflammatory Foods 

2. Increase Nutritional Intake 

3. Eliminate Allergenic, Addictive, & Acidic Foods 

4. Balance Blood Sugar 

5. Support Elimination Organs 

What’s included:

-Proper calorie and macro nutrient calculations for your body type and activity levels.

-1 on 1 guidance through an elimination meal plan that cuts out inflammatory foods and replaces them with whole food, teaching you how to eat to fuel your body. 

-Meal plans, recipes, and shopping list.

-Most importantly you will gain better gut health, less inflammation, less pain, better absorption of nutrients, more energy, and weight-loss. 

- You can add on 4 Lipo Mino Injections for $50 to help boost metabolism and detox your eliminating organs.

​*At the end of the month we slowly incorporate back in some of the inflammatory foods one by one if you chose to see how your body reacts. This is how we assess which foods you are sensitive too*

Add on 4 Lipo Mino Injections for $50

Injections  must be used within 2 months  from date of purchase