Online Nutrition

1 on 1 live video consult to discuss weight loss, gut health, and fueling your body with whole foods, herbs, and supplements. 

If you suffer from: Slow MetabolismHigh Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, IBS, Skin disorders, Fatigue, or Chronic Pain this nutrition program will be perfect for you. 

This meal plan focuses on eliminating  inflammatory foods and replacing them with Whole Foods while supplementing with herbs and supplements to rebuild gut health, increase nutrient absorption, and help detox your eliminating organs. 

What's involved with this program?

-Access to me 1 on 1 as well as my Facebook group while I guide you through an elimination meal plan that cuts out inflammatory foods and replaces them with whole food, teaching you how to eat to fuel your body. 

-60 Plant based meal replacement shakes (one for breakfast, one for lunch), to get you started.

-Meal plans, recipes, and shopping list so you don't have to worry about what to eat for dinner and snacks.

-Herbs and Supplements to rebuild gut health, detox your eliminating organs, and lower cholesterol.

-Most importantly you will gain better gut health, less inflammation, less pain, better absorption of nutrients, more energy, and weight-loss.

The cost of this program averages out to less than what most people spend on fast food or even groceries for the month. Not only do you get to replace your groceries for the month with nutrient dense foods you get 9 different natural products to help boost  metabolism, increase energy, and rebuild gut health. 


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Online Skin Care 

I  treat skin disorders from the inside out. You can never truly heal your skin until you detox your gut, liver, and kidneys. One of the first places inflammation in the body shows up is on the skin. I suffered from Acne and Hives from 10 years old until I was 30. It wasn't until I found Integrative Medicine and healed myself from the inside out that I finally rid myself of my skin issues. 


Another important factor is what you put on your skin. Our skin is our largest organ and chemicals seep into our blood within 26 seconds. These chemicals can cause toxic overload, sluggish bowls, and slow detox from our eliminating organs. This all backs up into our system causing inflammation and expressing itself on our skin. When we repair the gut lining and detox your liver and kidneys; you are able to absorb vital nutrients needed for healthy living inside and out. 


Skin disorders that I treat:


Chronic Hives

Dry Flaky Skin

I use a combination of nutrition and botanical skin care to treat the root cause of your skin disorder. 

Did you know plants and humans have very similar DNA.  Inside the cells, we find that human cells and plant cells contain six identical organelles or active components which include cell membranes. This is why we are able to absorb plant based medicine more easily without the same toxic side effects as chemicals. So when reaching for medicine, skin care, or even food try reaching for more plant based, botanical, or herbal forms vs processed or synthetic. Your body will thank you. 

Price Varies Depending on Condition and Products needed:

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Online Herbal Medicine Consult

1 on 1 live video consult to discuss herbs.

Price includes consult and herbs.

If you need a refill please contact me here.

For online herbal consults I offer Herbs and Supplement for the following conditions:


-Athletic Performance





If you want to shop herbs and supplements without a consult you can explore my store here. 

Not all prescribed herbs and supplements are on my store as some require a one on one apt so I can make sure you are getting the exact formula for your needs. 

Price: $150