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About Me:

Hi, I’m Dr. Shawn Greenan, an Acupuncture Physician & Certified Functional Medicine Provider on a mission to help people become the healthiest versions of themselves. ⁣


I specialize in healing the body from the inside out, focusing on gut health, skin health, and pain management. 

My Story:


As a child, I had constant reoccurring hives, eczema, cystic acne, and chronic gut issues. The older I got the sicker I became, and the laundry list of pharmaceuticals, exploratory surgeries, and “throwaway” diagnoses continued to grow. ⁣I entered the biomedicine field right out of high school immediately knowing I wanted to help people get healthier. But by the time I was 25, I felt like I was on my death bed. I was 100 pounds, couldn’t hold down food, lethargic, and anxiety-ridden. I had access to some of the best doctors who were also my colleagues and friends, but no one could give me a true diagnosis.


I finally had enough and took my health into my own hands. I researched nutrition and herbs to help heal my body from within. ⁣After months of cutting out inflammatory processed foods, supplementing with herbs, proper nutrition, and acupuncture, I was finally cured of IBD, skin disorders, anxiety, allergies, and asthma (just to name a few). I was able to get off all my medications, and I started putting on weight. I was finally absorbing food and the nutrients my body deeply craved! 

I knew right then that I had to switch paths from my Biomedical career to dive deeper into Integrative Medicine, and this is how I became an Acupuncture Physician. ⁣After a few years in private practice, I started seeing the same reoccurring problem with my patients: autoimmune disease, gut issues, skin issues, and chronic inflammation. So back into the books I went to specialize in Functional Medicine. 


The body has an amazing ability to heal itself if given the proper tools. Comprehensive Functional Medicine Labs, Nutritional Guidance, Movement, Supplements and Herbs play a huge role in my practice.

I’m so glad I found my calling in the Integrative Medicine field. I look forward to helping as many people as I can get off medications and live long happy healthy lives!

If you are ready to take your health into your own hands, I highly suggest you take one of the above functional medicine labs or quizzes to see where your body could use a little extra help.